Our goods are coming from the European Community, South America, New Zealand and from the internal market.

The pork meat is coming mostly from Europe, ( carcasses, cuts, offals and by-products), poultry comes from the South America and the beef tripes come from New Zealand.
We buy also considerable volumes of goods from the local market, Optimeat having a good collaboration with the local beef and poultry suppliers as well.

Our goods are frozen at the optimum temperature, which is maintained during the whole shelf life of the product. Goods are packed according to the market sector that they are intended to – bulk for the industry, individually wrapped or portioned, for the retail market.

All our goods are produced in EU agreed slaughterhouses and they are controlled by the sanitary veterinary authorities; at each delivery to clients, our goods are accompanied by sanitary veterinary documents in accordance with the EU regulations.

We hold a coldstore completely equiped and agreed for trade within the EU; we hold a car park dedicated for this type of commerce; all these logistic facilities enable us to deliver goods in any part of the country within max. 24 hours from the date of the order.