Pork, beef, miel, mutton, chicken meat, turkey meat


Import and distribution company for food commodities

The goods we sell come from European Community countries, South America, New Zeeland and from internal market.
From Europe comes a large part of pig meat ( carcass, pieces, offal’s and By products), from South America, poultry meat and from New Zeeland, beef tripe.
Also, our company, has a good collaboration with domestic beef and poultry producers, from which it purchase goods in quite large volumes.

About Us

Optimeat is an import and distribution company for food commodities, which was launched in meat trade in 2002.

The market segment in which Optimeat has been activated from the beginning is that of meat consumers, for which it ensures the highest quality raw materials

With the growing volume of acquisitions,, Optimeat has diversified its merchandise portfolio, which today includes: pork, beef, lamb, sheep,, chicken, duck and turkey, together with fish and potatoes.


Company History


Optimeat launches in meat trade and is distinguished from the group of companies that was founded in 1993.


Optimeat opens its own refrigerated warehouse, equipped with modern equipment and approved for intra-community trade and develops its own distribution network at national level.


Optimeat is gaining a more diversified market, which its portfolio of clients now including all segments of the market: meat processors of all levels, wholesalers, traditional retail stores, hotels, restaurants and catering. Optimeat was present in Metro Cash&Carry and Hypermarkets Auchan, Cora, Real.

Values of our company



Quality of products and services

Respect for people

Car Park

To reach customers with products in the best conditions, Optimeat performs deliveries with cars from its own park (capacity 20, 10, 5, 2 tons).