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The goods we sell come from European Community countries, South America, New Zeeland and from internal market

From Europe comes a large part of pig meat ( carcass, pieces, offal’s and By products), from South America, poultry meat and from New Zeeland, beef tripe.

Also, our company, has a good collaboration with domestic beef and poultry producers, from which it purchase goods in quite large volumes.

Our goods are frozen at the optimum temperature, the temperature ensured by respecting the cold chain for the entire shelf life of the product.

The goods are packed according to the market segment for which are delivered-bulk ,for industrial segment and packaged individually and portioned, for retail segment.

All the goods which we sell are produced in certified slaughterhouses and sanitary-veterinary supervision and are accompanied from supplier to beneficiary by sanitary-veterinary documents, according to the European Community legislation.

We have a fully equipped and approved refrigerated warehouse for intra- community trade, as well as a fleet suitable for this kind of trade. All these logistics facilities give as possibility to deliver the goods in any area of the country, in maximum 24 hours from the order.

Carne de bovine, carne de vita


We offer a wide range of beef products, obtained from cutting plant: beef carcass, beef head,beef middle, beef leg, beef shoulder, beef trimmings, beef offal’s, beef tripe, by-products beef.

Carne de surine, carne de porc


We offer a wide range of pork products, obtained from cutting plant: pork carcass, pork head and jowl, pork middel, pork loin, pork collar, pork belly, pork shoulder, pork leg, pork trimmings, pork bones and cartilage, pork fat, porc rind, By-products, pork offal’s.

Carne de ovine, carne de oaie


We offer a wide range of sheep products, obtained from cutting plant: carcass, sheep offal’s, sheep leg, sheep middle, sheep shoulder.

Carne de pasare, carne de pui


We offer a wide range of chicken products, obtained from cutting plant: chicken breast, chicken leg, chicken wings, chicken back, chicken feet, chicken offal’s, chicken trimmings, chicken By-products.

Carne de curcan


We offer a wide range of turkey products, obtained from cutting plant: turkey breast, turkey wings, turkey offal’s, turkey trimmings, turkey By-products.